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Diversity and inclusion are the core of the success of any organization, including our Dallas County Dental Society. Our members are a microcosm of the world that we live in and communities that we serve. Although the challenges in our diverse lives are different, the challenges within our dental profession are very similar and we feel we are stronger when we face them together.

At DCDS, we seek to recognize and respect our differences, and to understand how our individuality supports our common goals. We celebrate our unique cultural experiences, which when woven together can cultivate creative new ideas and perspectives to improve our community and enhance patient care. We want to discover our members’ strengths and then find opportunities for them to be able to flex those strengths, whether through leadership, mentoring, advocating or volunteering. At DCDS, we want to make sure our members feel included and supported so that they can grow and improve, both in their practice and personal development.

Get a glimpse into our membership through the videos below. At DCDS, we are as individual as our fingerprints, as collective as our goals.