Award Winners

Dallas County Dental Society honors our outstanding members each year with awards to recognize our exemplary dentists who represent the high standards of DCDS. Awards are presented at the annual Installation Dinner in May.

2024 Award Winners


Thomas Bradley Crump, DDS, MS

James Reisman DDS

James Reisman, DDS

Gabrielle Dizon, DDS

Andrew Read-Fuller, DDS, MD, MS


Bob Hunsucker, DDS

Winners from Previous Years

Dentist Of The Year Award

2023 Dr. Carmen P. Smith
2022 Dr. Jodi D. Danna
2021 Dr. Bill Gerlach
2020 Not presented due to pandemic
2019 Dr. Todd Baumann
2018 Dr. Larry W. White
2017 Dr. Larry Herwig
2016 Dr. Danette McNew
2015 Dr. Jean Bainbridge
2014 Dr. Jacqueline Plemons
2013 Dr. C. Moody Alexander
2012 Dr. James H. Reisman
2011 Dr. T. Bob Davis
2010 Dr. Lee P. Oneacre
2009 Dr. Frank L. Higginbottom
2008 Dr. Terry A. Darden
2007 Dr. Wayne Woods
2006 Dr. Hilton Israelson
2005 Dr. Kevin L. Seidler
2004 Dr. Tom M. McDougal
2003 Dr. Terry D. Watson
2002 Dr. Tommy W. Gage
2001 Dr. Patricia L. Blanton
2000 Dr. James S. Cole
1999 Dr. Paul P. Taylor
1998 Dr. W. Paul Radman
1997 Dr. John L. Rumley
1996 Dr. M. Tim Dobbins
1995 Dr. John S. Findley
1994 Dr. Fred E. Aurbach
1993 Dr. Robert M. Anderton
1992 Dr. James H. Williams
1991 Dr. Robert E. Gaylord
1990 Dr. James H. Hill
1989 Dr. Jerry M. Turner
1988 Dr. D. Lamar Byrd
1987 Dr. A. Gary Rainwater
1986 Dr. H. Loren Miller
1985 Dr. Leo G. Alexander
1984 Dr. James P. Addison
1983 Dr. Bibb H. Ballard
1982 Dr. Lewis R. Eidson
1981 Dr. David B. Lynn, Sr.
1980 Dr. Robert D. Londeree, Jr.
1979 Dr. Robert V. Walker
1978 Dr. William J. Coulston, Jr.
1977 Dr. O. V. Cartwright
1976 Dr. Robert E. Lamb
1975 Dr. P. Earle Williams
1974 Dr. L. M. Kennedy
1973 Dr. Charles F. Bouschor
1972 Dr. Phelps Murphey
1971 Dr. Tommy Lipscomb
1970 Dr. Harold B. Younger
1969 Dr. Welden E. Bell
1968 Dr. Harry B. McCarthy
1967 Dr. Emmett R. Johnson
1966 Dr. A. C. Dodson
1965 Dr. Sam H. Brock
1964 Dr. Horace B. Beachum
1963 Dr. S. L. Barron

Lifetime Achievement Award

The following members have been recognized for their lifetime contributions to the profession and the community:

2023 Dr. Jacqueline Plemons
2022 Dr. Hedley Rakusin
2021 Dr. Terry Darden
2020 Not presented due to pandemic
2019 Dr. Martin Kahn
2018 Dr. Gayle Glenn
2017 Dr. Larry White
2016 Dr. Frank Higginbottom
2015 Dr. Lee Oneacre
2014 Dr. Michael L. Stuart
2013 Dr. Hilton Israelson
2012 Dr. Terry D. Watson
2011 Dr. James S. Cole
2010 Dr. C. Moody Alexander
2009 Dr. W. Paul Radman
2008 Dr. Patricia L. Blanton
2007 Dr. John S. Findley
2006 Dr. Bibb H. Ballard
2005 Dr. James H. Hill
2004 Dr. H. Loren Miller
2004 Dr. D. Lamar Byrd
2003 Dr. Robert M. Anderton
2002 Dr. Robert V. Walker
2001 Dr. Paul P. Taylor
2000 Dr. O. V. Cartwright
1998 Dr. James P. Addison

New Dentist of the Year

The following members have been recognized for their contributions to the Society during their first 10 years out of dental school:

2023 Dr. Andrew Read-Fuller
2022 Dr. Sephanie Ganter
2021 Dr. Mitra Bolouri 
2020 Not presented due to pandemic
2019 Dr. John Tunnell
2018 Dr. Jenny Durham
2017 Dr. Shad Hattaway
2016 Dr. Rich Derksen
2015 Dr. Drew Vanderbrook
2014 Dr. Audrey Stansbury
2013 Dr. Stephen Walker
2012 Dr. Andrea K. Janik
2011 Dr. Chad J. Capps
2010 Dr. Aly A. Sergie
2009 Dr. David R. Maxwell
2007 Dr. Sarah A. Tevis-Poteet
2006 Dr. William R. Phillips, III
2005 Dr. Chi V. Trieu
2004 Dr. T. Brad Crump
2003 Dr. Jeffrey R. Siebert
2002 Dr. Elizabeth D. Jaynes
2001 Dr. Jill Wade
2000 Dr. Jodi D. Danna
1999 Dr. Stephen L Bass
1997 Dr. Jina L. Kaiser
1996 Dr. Lee Fitzgerald
1995 Dr. Ronald S. Stukalin
1994 Dr. Wayne Woods
1993 Dr. Judson D. Gililland
1992 Dr. David L Roberts

The President's Award

The following individuals have earned special recognition for their outstanding service and contributions bestowed by the Society's President during his/her term in office:

2023 Dr. Mitra Bolouri
2022 Dr. Carmen P. Smith
2021 Dr. Rei Iwase and Dr. Danette McNew
2020 Not presented due to pandemic
2019 Dr. Lee Oneacre
2018 Dr. Michael Rainwater
2017 Dr. Hilton Israelson
2016 Dr. Chad Capps
2015 Dr. John Findley and Dr. Sarah Poteet
2014 DCDS Team
2013 Dr. Marshal Goldberg
2012 Dr. Debra E. Seznik-Thomas
2011 Dr. Jean E. Bainbridge
2010 Dr. Roger E. Alexander
2008 Dr. C. Moody Alexander
2007 Dr. William H. Gerlach
2006 Dr. Larry W. White
2005 Dr. Frank L. Higginbottom
2003 Dr. Chi V. Trieu
2002 Dr. Jean E. Bainbridge
1998 Dr. Fred A. Aurbach
1996 Dr. Wayne Woods

Community Leaders of the Year

The following have been recognized for their contributions to the profession of dentistry through their works in the community:

2023 Mike Hopkins, Texas Mission of Mercy Sponsor
2022 City of Dallas After School Program, Donna Garcia
2021 Park Cities Rotary Club
2020 Not presented due to pandemic
2019 Mission East Dallas
2018 North Dallas Shared Ministries
2017 Agape Clinic
2016 Terra McClelland
2015 Jennifer Staubach Gates
2014 U.S. Representative Pete Sessions
2012 Mr. Robert J. Bigham, Jr.
2011 Senator John J. Carona
2010 Alliance of the Dallas County Dental Society
2009 Ms. Lyn Berman
2008 Mr. Erle Nye
2007 Mrs. Annette Simmons
2006 Ms. Moira Allen
2005 Mr. George Bramblett
2004 Mr. Gene Niswander
2003 U.S. Representative Sam Johnson
2000 Senator Florence Shapiro
1999 Harold Jeskey, PhD
1997 Senator Royce West
1996 Mr. Harry R. Tanner
1995 Reverend Bruce A Buchanan

Texas A&M University College of Dentistry Faculty Award

The following members have been recognized as outstanding teachers; as active participants in the research, education or service missions of Texas A&M University College of Dentistry; and are active members of the Society:

2023 Dr. Gayle Glenn
2022 Dr. Thomas Bradley Crump
2021 Dr. Danette McNew
2020 Not presented due to pandemic
2019 Dr. Steven Bender
2018 Dr. Deborah Foyle
2017 Dr. Daniel Jones
2016 Dr. Pete Benson
2015 Dr. John Wright
2014 Dr. Hui Liang
2012 Dr. Brent B. Hutson
2011 Dr. Diane J. Flint
2010 Dr. Jordan L. Schweitzer
2009 Dr. Reginald W. Taylor
2008 Dr. Robert G. Triplett
2007 Dr. Jacqueline M. Plemons
2006 Dr. Mark E. Gannaway
2005 Dr. Amp W. Miller III
2004 Dr. Roger E. Alexander
2003 Dr. L. Kay Mash

Procter & Gamble Veteran's Award

The following members are recognized for their service to the nation during time of war:

2022 Dr. Roger Alexander
2021 Dr. James Dewberry
2020 Not presented due to pandemic
2019 No recognition for this year
2018 Sgt. Wade Knight
2017 Dr. Terry Rees
2016 Dr. Gil Triplett
2015 Dr. Charles Wakefield
2014 Dr. William J. Lawhorn
2013 Dr. Michael L. Ellis
2012 Dr. Charles E. Cavin
2011 Dr. Ronald D. Woody
2010 Dr. John Kidwell
2009 Dr. Bill R. Brown
2008 Dr. Robert D. Londeree
2007 Dr. Jesse T. Bullard
2006 Dr. Lewis R. Eidson
2005 Dr. O.V. Cartwright
2004 Dr. James H. Hill
2003 Dr. Richard K. Irwin
2003 Dr. Joel F. Goodwin
2003 Dr. George A. Smith
2002 Dr. E. Earl Moore
2002 Dr. Chris S. Cartwright