About the Dallas County Dental Society

Past DCDS Presidents

The local component society of the American Dental Association and the Texas Dental Association, Dallas County Dental Society (DCDS) is a professional association representing general dentistry and the twelve specialties of the American Dental Association. DCDS is committed to the enhancement of the public’s oral health education and dental well-being, ongoing continuing education and the promotion of professionalism and quality in dentistry.

Who We Are:

Dallas County Dental Society has roots back to 1908 when it was a study club named the Dallas Dental Society. In 1915, the members voted to merge with another local study club called Dallas County Dental Society. The new organization retained the name of the larger Dallas County Dental Society and became the chartered local component society of the Texas Dental Association (TDA.) It is also known as the TDA 5th district component society within the Northeast Division.

Our members are:

Professional - Dallas County Dental Society members are licensed by the State of Texas and ascribe to the strict Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct of the American Dental Association. The peer review process of DCDS reviews and resolves problems or misunderstandings regarding dental treatment. Peer review exists for the benefit of the patient, the dentist and the third party.

Educated - Since 1926, Dallas County Dental Society has sponsored the Southwest Dental Conference, hosting dental professionals for lectures and hands-on workshops. Courses are also scheduled throughout the year at the DCDS facility and lectures are provided at monthly General Membership meetings. These distinctive opportunities allow dental professionals to update their skills, expand their knowledge and elevate the quality of care provided to all patients.

Committed - Dallas County Dental Society provides free referrals to the public needing a dentist. Members volunteer as individual offices and in association-sponsored events to provide dental care to those in need.

Dallas County Dallas Society is committed to sustaining the most capable dental professionals available to serve the community. Our members provide quality dental care and accurate information to Dallas and surrounding communities.