Southwest Dental Conference

Top 5 Reasons to Bring Your Entire Dental Team to the Southwest Dental Conference

Conferences are a great way to increase skills, exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. Plus they can be out-of-the-ordinary fun for team members that need a break from the daily grind. Going solo may initially be seen as a financial benefit; but there are many more reasons to bring the whole dental team along to the Southwest Dental Conference (SWDC) in Dallas, August 20-21, 2021, which will take part in-person.
  1. The SWDC offers a great team-building opportunity.
    If you are looking to nurture collaborative team-building and strengthen your company culture, the SWDC is probably one of the most effective team outings that can offer a great return on your investment. Your team members will improve their skills and form professional connections to strengthen their career in a manner that can enhance patient care and increase efficiency in the office. And don’t underestimate the impact of shared experience on team morale!
  2. The SWDC creates innovative sparks.
    Passion is contagious. Getting your team outside of the office walls can create energy and inspire your team members to get the creative juices flowing. Learning in a new space encourages growth that is otherwise unlikely to happen in one’s everyday environment where interruptions abound. The courses offered at the SWDC help inspire shared excitement and passion around work related topics. Splitting your team up to cover all the most relevant topics can lead to an overall increase of knowledge-transfer into the company.
  3. The SWDC provides amazing clinicians.
    The clinicians who present at the SWDC are carefully scouted from conferences around the US to ensure that the best and brightest can smoothly and effectively transfer knowledge of the most relevant topics to you and your team. The expense of their expertise would be too heavy a burden for a single practice to carry alone; so take advantage of a lower cost to train your staff on best practices through the SWDC.
  4. The SWDC delivers information on emerging technologies.
    Exhibitors at the SWDC provide your team members an opportunity to see, touch and compare the products unique to the dental industry. Your staff can ask questions about the equipment and products they use daily within your practice that might otherwise go unasked, and put faces to names with your current vendor and technology partner companies.
  5. The SWDC offers tremendous networking opportunities.
    Not only can your team members build business connections that extend beyond their everyday resources by attending the SWDC, but they can offer marketing exposure for your practice—just have them wear a corporate shirt!

There's an incredible amount of sharing, learning and leveraging that can happen at the Southwest Dental Conference. Sure, sending a whole team can seem like a large expense at first. But since the training is done here in Dallas County, it could save you money in the long term. It could also be plugged as an employee benefit, allowing your team members the motivation to view their job in a new light. You can also use the Southwest Dental Conference as marketing leverage by posting your team’s attendance on social media—your patients will see that your entire team is focused on gaining knowledge to enhance patient care!

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